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Poem written by Craig Roberts during a Warrior Writers workshop in Bridgewater, MA, 2014

Poem written by Craig Roberts during a Warrior Writers workshop in Bridgewater, MA, 2014

Webmaster’s Note

What’s in a name? More than Juliet hoped. It’s how people find you. It’s your brand, your tribe. It’s an image for free association. Moving to America, my great grandfather adjusted his surname from Gaelic to use only Latin characters. Now thanks to Latin, I can trace my lineage several hundred years back. My roots run down through the grit of love and betrayal, genocide and survival, guilt and pride. Many many stories, most forgotten, gave me my name.

By my first name I understand traditions that stretch even further back, thousands of years, stories that informed and inspired that vast cloud of past people who made this site possible. And upon reflection, my name doesn’t matter at all. It’s just a touch point for you to know me as I live now through this collection of Latin characters.

Now language divides us as much as it brings us together. It defines us. It gives us laws. The characters we use, our inflections, our accents, our art and music are all emotive and tribal. But the ideas we express, most of our oldest stories intersect. Our desires and goals can be congruent.

As this vast web of connections develops, traditions remain. New social algorithms and paradigms evolve out of apparent chaos, but the spiritual yearning for purpose and meaning is palpable. Art and text is more available now than ever, thanks to this electric curtain between us. While we think about the best thing to call this digital amalgamation, we hope to present work from Warrior Writers workshops from all over the country in ways that complement the many efforts of those in the Veteran Art Movement.

Caleb Nelson

Fall 2018 workshops are underway at The Suffolk Poetry Center in Boston.



By Liam Madden

Originally Published in The After Action Review by Warrior Writers, 2012

I desire to trust life
to cultivate my unique and needed gifts
Loving with abandon
I intend to weave a web of gifts into my community

I intend to create a healthy body that gracefully moves me
into sacred relationships with people and places
Laughing indulgently, feeding
an appetite an ocean wide

I intend to create a home
filled with friends and magical moments
of connection, fun and creativity
That will become the new routine

I intend to unpave streets and bring sunlight onto bare earth
to grow a city you could mistake for a garden
where working is mistaken for play
time abundant for passion and rest

I intend to create a bank of gratitude
an economy of gratitude
Circulating our sacred gifts
to our deepest needs

I intend to be happy on the journey
Instead of delaying my joy until the destination
experiencing life present and vibrantly alive
in the beautiful world we are creating