by Warrior Writers in Boston

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Dojo WORKshop

The Old Oak Dojo has been providing a home base for the Warrior Writersreatreat and workshops for years. The Dojo operates in the spirit of gift culture, which means that they don’t charge fees for our use of the space. 

In August, we invite Warrior Writers who have benefited from the retreat and workshops to volunteer to help us maintain its beauty by participating in Dojo WORKshop, Part 1 and/or Dojo WORKshop, Part 2

The main focus of the day will be on harvesting and planting in the garden beds and chopping and stacking wood. Don't feel obligated to stay for the whole time. Whatever time you can give is appreciated. Bring gloves and wear cloths that you don't mind getting dirty.

We'll also offer a few writing prompts that focus on memoir. We'll be mining our memories for stories about working parties in the military, all those dirty jobs we didn't expect to be doing when we joined.


3PM – Task review and prep
3:30PM – Freewriting time
4PM – Working time
6PM - Wind down, refreshments, and a writing prompt