Here be ambitions, goals and current projects


What’s Next

New Digital Broadsides by Warrior Writers

Also, right now we are working to print Complacency Kills.

Complacency Kills is a short run magazine created by Warrior Writers Boston for print distribution during events and readings. Digital images from the magazine, designed to spread freely through social media promote the creators in the extended network developed by the emerging Veteran Artist Movement.

This periodical generates a series of broadsides to blast through social media, so creative veterans can find each other and make connections through their personal social media handles. This is an effort to grow our digital community, promote each other’s art, and encourage artists, writers, videographers, podcasters and poets to provide regular (weekly/monthly) content on certain themes in the interest of creating their own cohesive collections that can be printed or otherwise viewed and sold at events and readings around the world.

Ultimately the goal is to establish a new revenue model with a set of intellectual properties and a product line that will pay for features, workshops, podcasts, future imprints and exhibits.


Prints in Production

Prints of the magazine, and associated posters may be made available for purchase (after some licensing discussions with the artists) through a digital store after this first release. Once you own any data you download from this site, you will have license to share it through private channels (personal email, prints, thumb drives, etc.). Content published without linking to this site through private websites or as torrents may violate the owner's copyright.

If you’re on social media, you can support this effort by following work by various creators gathered on this platform through their preferred social media handles.

It’s time to launch a new chapter in what began last year during Mission Continues Fellowships with Warrior Writers. This site will be active at least through the end of the year.


1. Publications and Performances

Finance artworks (physical and digital broadsides, performances, workshops, audio, video) by veterans and their friends and family members.

2. Cultural Exchanges

Develop connections with emerging writers, journalists and intellectuals from Iraq and Afghanistan, and explore the potential of a cross broadcast between radio stations in Baghdad and Boston.

3. Change the Narrative

Gather a small cohort of U.S. military veterans to return to Iraq and visit the University of Baghdad for a research project on the history of The House of Wisdom.