That Time We Wrote Letters to La David Johnson

Since soldiers (and police) stand on the front lines of law enforcement, overcoming “otherism” within the ranks seems to me to be of value. Whatever the reason that La David Johnson faced his death alone under a thorn tree, whether he ran away from the convoy on his own, got ignored in the chaos or both, whatever narrative you believe let try to focus on this one personality. Try writing La David Johnson a letter.

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Chicken One Day, Feathers The Next

A few months ago, in the deep cold of winter a man knocked on the window of my booth at a garage where I work occasionally. I’d had a fraught encounter with this same man last summer. He’d shown me the globe and anchor tattoo over his heart, said he’s a Marine. He wanted money to catch the train to a program in Worcester in the morning. At the time I had a pile of active checks in the car, and was in the middle of deliveries. Still, his dramatic attitude pricked my conscience.

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Writing Prompt from Zero Dark Thirty (Fall 2016) - First Day in Theater

At Warrior Writers workshops we generally start each prompt by reading a piece of flash fiction or a poem, like First Day in Theater, discuss it and then we write for 10 or 15 minutes straight. Often writing with a group helps discipline the mind to focus on the task at hand. But if you have the warewithal to write alone, maybe post whatever you come up with on for friendly comments and revision suggestions.

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