“Our conventional response to all media, namely that it is how they are used that counts, is the numb stance of the technological idiot. For the “content” of a medium is like the juicy piece of meat carried by the burglar to distract the watchdog of the mind.” - Marshall McLuhan

Mission: Create great stories through marketable products and inspiring places.

Problem: Warfare echoes through generations, inflicting devastation, trauma and addiction. Meanwhile we stare agog at ASMR of each other’s faces jawing away through colored pixels on screens, or paralyse our senses with narcotic substances. We need ASMR of substance. We need purpose. We need good stories that encourage us to engage in our environments, to make future moments better. We need good art.

Artists need capital (space, time and materials) to create, but art is ephemeral. Art is cheap and most returns on works by artists who master (or who at least give permanence to) certain mediums go to wealthy people looking to park their money in stable high value currencies. This interest puffs up connoisseurs of antiquity, and the hoarding of treasures. The creators of these works never fully enjoy the currency their art creates over time, and those that do are subjected to undue hero worship rather than true engagement with their creations. Meanwhile works of propaganda, promotional media designed to spread quickly and freely with fads of the moment, for war machines, for dangerous drugs, for wasteful food products distract us from works of love, self-sacrifice and creation.

Solution: Establish spaces, retreats, publications, installations and workshops for veterans of trauma, militarism, war and conflict to express their experiences of chaos and disorder in conversation and the arts.\

To engage in discussions about ending war and chaos we need gardens. We need peaceful spaces, and peaceful art, literature, workshops and programs that bring people into calm places of enlightenment. Space and material are easier to sell, and they matter as much as the digital media (time) that connects us.

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